In Your Community: AT&T Launches CBusStudentHack

    October 9, 2015 10:57 AM by Adam Grzybicki

    Last week, AT&T and Franklin University launched the CBusStudentHack: Coding for Community, a 12 week programming contest for central Ohio high school students.

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    Marketplace Innovation Through Disability Inclusion

    October 8, 2015 11:14 AM by Aaron Bangor

    The United States Business Leadership Network (USBLN) has paved the way to help businesses build their disability inclusion efforts in the workplace, supply chain, and marketplace. Over the years, we have worked with them to improve and highlight our own efforts. Last week, we were happy to join them for their Annual National Conference in Austin. This year’s conference was especially memorable for us as we were honored to receive USBLN’s Marketplace Innovator of the Year Award for our work on Real-Time Text (RTT).

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    Graduation! Congrats Aspire Accelerator 2015 Class

    October 6, 2015 7:00 AM by Jacob Saperstein

    They may not be collecting a diploma or posing for photos in their cap and gown, but I feel like a proud parent on graduation day as we celebrate the five ed-tech organizations from our inaugural Aspire Accelerator class. The program, which kicked off in May, is coming to a close this week and we’re gathering in the San Francisco Bay Area for a few final days of hard work – and a little bit of merriment, too!

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    BBQ, Football and Ed-Tech. What else can you ask for in Dallas?

    October 1, 2015 9:54 AM by Jacob Saperstein

    As we come to the final stretch of the first class of the AT&T Aspire Accelerator, we were on the road again last week – this time to Dallas, Texas. Over three days, the Accelerator companies were able to meet with key AT&T executives, interact with local education leaders, and experience some classic Texas BBQ (not to mention classic HOT Texas weather!). The highlights ran the gamut:

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    A Revolution in Learning

    September 30, 2015 9:15 AM by Jessica Filante

    Today, in classrooms across the country, students will file into their seats and listen to their teachers’ carefully crafted lessons. It is a scene that has played out for generations and is so entrenched that one might not notice a quiet revolution taking place that is changing the way students are learning. As technology expands across the globe and into education, it not only provides teachers with new capabilities, but also has the potential to create meaningful change.

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    AT&T Will Improve Your Morning Commute

    September 30, 2015 9:15 AM by Chris Rice

    Rush hour traffic is a pain point we’ve all experienced. The average American commuter spends 42 hours a year stuck in traffic. That’s almost two days wasted every year. It’s worse for drivers in Los Angeles, who spend 80 hours a year sitting in traffic. And congestion has a cost. In 2014, it cost Americans $160 billion, averaging $960 per auto commuter. Developing smarter cities can help combat this issue – saving Americans time and dollars.

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    AT&T Makes Global Commitment to LGBT Community

    September 29, 2015 3:13 PM by Mike Corkerry & Scott Sapperstein

    In 1975, AT&T was one of the first Fortune 500 companies to adopt a non-discrimination policy toward sexual orientation, and in 1998, we were one of the first to adopt domestic partner benefits for LGBT employees.

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    Roadtrip Nation and AT&T Kickoff Tour to Help Students Discover Their Pathway to a Career

    September 28, 2015 4:25 PM by AT&T

    New $2.2 Million Contribution from AT&T will empower 80,000 at-risk youth with curriculum and skills to connect them to a brighter future and college education

    It’s never too soon for high school students to start thinking about a career, but many struggle to translate their passions into a viable profession. With a new $2.2 million contribution from AT&T, Roadtrip Nation, a career exploration organization, today launched its official 2015 educational tour at Alliance Cindy & Bill Simon Technology Academy High School in the Watts district of Los Angeles, California. The kick-off presentation featured two special guest speakers, award-winning African American actor and humanitarian starring in the upcoming CBS series Code Black, William Allen Young, and Emmy-winning Cuban American journalist, Myrka Dellanos.

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    New Report: Rise of the Real-Time Traveler

    September 28, 2015 7:15 AM by Chris Penrose and Charlene Lake

    Today, AT&T and the Intelligent Transportation Society of America released a report investigating trends in mobility that are shaping the future of transportation in a more connected world.

    At AT&T, we’ve been working with auto manufacturers for years to help improve vehicle safety and performance by integrating wireless connectivity. These efforts have resulted in exciting next-generation voice solutions, enhanced diagnostics and maintenance capabilities, on-board infotainment and more. Still, we recognize that larger trends are fundamentally changing how people get from Point A to Point B. As part of our ongoing commitment to create a more mobilized world, we want to understand these trends and maximize the opportunities they create.

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    Making Connections that Matter

    September 25, 2015 12:15 PM by Jason Leiker

    I recently heard a story about one of my colleagues in California who was paired with a student through Aspire Mentoring Academy’s collaboration with We Teach Science. To allow the two of them to connect on a familiar level, she took the initiative to learn the native language of her mentee, a recent immigrant from the Philippines. As their relationship grew the student’s teachers and counselors noticed the student’s new found confidence both inside and outside of the classroom.

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