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    Introducing the 2017 AT&T Aspire Accelerator Class

    May 4, 2017 7:00 AM by Anne Wintroub

    “How can I help students in new and lasting ways?” That’s a question all innovators in education ask… daily.

    “How can the program, platform or product I’m working on make a difference in learners’ lives? Does it connect teachers to new, untapped resources? Does it help engage caregivers in a child’s learning? Does it allow students to see things in a different light? Does it help?

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    Aspire Accelerator 2017: Applications from Across America

    March 7, 2017 11:13 AM by Anne Wintroub

    In January, we announced an open call for applications to the AT&T Aspire Accelerator. Now in its third year, the Aspire Accelerator supports innovations that can help every student achieve a bright, successful future—exponentially and at scale.

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    Shaping the Future

    February 2, 2017 11:45 AM by Anne Wintroub

    As part of AT&T’s Aspire initiative – which accelerates the learning revolution and connects it with the young people who need it most – we’ve invested more than $350 million to help ensure all students have access to the skills they need to succeed in school and beyond. We know that in order to truly accomplish this mission, we must look to those “on the ground: ”the teachers and inventors who are creating solutions for our students using the power of technology.

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    VIDEO: Entrepreneurs Changing the Game

    January 13, 2017 8:17 PM by Mike Beaudoin

    What is innovation? It’s generating new ideas, solving complex problems, bringing new products and services to market, and improving customer experiences. Innovation lies at the heart of AT&T’s business philosophy. It helps us to stay competitive in a changing marketplace, respond to and drive consumer demand, as well as find new ways to deliver products and services to address some of society’s biggest challenges. 

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    VIDEO: Being the Change – Women in Tech

    January 12, 2017 8:30 AM by Anne Wintroub

    At AT&T, more than 84,200 women work to transform the way we connect with our world. These women are executives, engineers, marketers, sales people, financial professionals, installation technicians and attorneys. They are innovators. They are mentors. And they’re leaders.

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    AT&T Accepting Applications for Ed-Tech Accelerator

    January 10, 2017 8:00 AM by AT&T

    For- and Non-Profit Organizations Driving Social Impact Can Apply

    SAN FRANCISCO, California. January 10, 2017 — AT&T is calling on innovative ed-tech ventures to apply for the 2017 AT&T Aspire Accelerator.  In its third year, the Aspire Accelerator’s mission is to support innovations that can help every student achieve a bright, successful future—exponentially and at scale. For and non-profit organizations chosen to participate in the program receive financial investment, access to expert services and mentorship.

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    Meet the AT&T Aspire Accelerator 2016 Class

    July 19, 2016 10:17 AM by Anne Wintroub

    Time sure flies when you are having fun! It’s hard to believe that we are half way through the 2016 AT&T Aspire Accelerator and already it’s such an incredible experience. From our kick off in San Francisco in May to the ISTE conference in June, the 2016 class is making serious progress growing their organizations to maximize impact and is developing impactful relationships along the way. I can’t wait for our next in-person convening at the GSV Pioneer Summit in September. In the meantime, check out the video below to learn more about our program and the 2016 class.

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    Schools Learn how AT&T Solutions Support Technology-Rich Education

    June 22, 2016 2:17 PM by John Irwin

    It’s that time of year again. Students look forward to recharging over summer break.

    It’s also the time when school administrators look forward to retooling in preparation for the next school year.

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    Celebrating a Nation of Makers

    June 17, 2016 4:30 AM by AT&T

    Try to remember the most memorable moment from science class and you’ll probably think of the time your teacher had you build a rocket or make ice cream in a plastic bag. It’s these types of hands on “making” experiences that inspire creativity in students and spark interest in STEM careers.  

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    AT&T Kicks Off Aspire Accelerator With 6 Leading Ed-Tech Startups

    May 8, 2016 11:53 PM by AT&T

    2016 Class of For- and Non-Profit Organizations Gathers in San Francisco

    SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. May 9, 2016 — AT&T is working with 6 innovative ed-tech startups for the 2016 AT&T Aspire Accelerator class. The program is in its second year and is part of our $350 million commitment to help students succeed in school and beyond. The Accelerator supports for- and non-profit organizations driving student success and career readiness. The primary measure of success for the Aspire Accelerator is societal impact that the participating organizations create.

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