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2017 AT&T Aspire Accelerator Overview

The AT&T Aspire Accelerator selected 8 non-profits throughout the country for the 2017 class.

AT&T 2016 Sustainability Report

Connectivity is helping create a better, more sustainable world.

AT&T 2016 Sustainability by the Numbers

A quick glance of how AT&T is connecting its cities to be cleaner, students to their dreams and employees to their communities.

Progress Toward 2020/2025 Goals

Focused on our vision — Connect to Good — we have established a 10-year roadmap of goals and targets to serve as milestones for this journey.

Telecommunications Industry Dialogue Report

A report on how AT&T has implemented principles of the Telecommunications Industry Dialogue.

It Can Wait Flyer

Statistics, updated in 2017, of distracting driving behavior in the U.S.

It Can Wait Palm Card

Know the cost, take the pledge and curb the urge to drive distracted.

Aspire Accelerator: GradGuru

A look at AT&T's prize-winning software service and mobile application.

Aspire Accelerator: MindBlown Labs

A look at MindBlown Labs, an ed-tech social enterprise that helps create mobile games.

Aspire Accelerator: Lea(R)n

A look at Accelerator's Lea(R)n, a tool for empowering educators and their schools.

Aspire Accelerator: eduCannon

A look at Aspire's eduCannon, a platform that helps teachers create and share video lessons.

Aspire: Powering Career Skills

A look at how AT&T fosters career skills within the workforce.

Aspire Accelerator: Quill

A look at Quill, a platform for web applications that teaches writing, grammar, and vocab.

Aspire Accelerator: PlayPosit

An overview of PlayPosit, a platform that aids teachers in creating video lessons.

AT&T's Skilled Workforce

Read about AT&T's efforts to reskill its workforce.

Supporting Our Nation's Heroes

A report on how AT&T has helped military personnel through community and business support.

Careers for Veterans

Learn about about AT&T's commitment to hiring veterans.

Commitment to LGBT Community

A view of AT&T's commitment to fostering an inclusive workplace for the LGBT community.

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