Water Management

Access to water is a critical local issue in many of the water-stressed communities where we work and live.  Reducing water use and managing this resource wisely is critical for people, the environment and the economy.

In 2013, we used 3.113 billion gallons of water. We continued our collaboration with Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and engaged in a series of pilot projects to evaluate water efficiency opportunities.

As a result of those pilots, we found potential savings of 14-40 percent by implementing new technologies and using free air cooling. In order to scale savings, we created a toolkit that could save 28 billion gallons of water if adopted by U.S. companies.


Realized 42 million gallons of water savings in 2013

AT&T and Environmental Defense Fund are working with municipal water providers, building operators, NGOs and other stakeholders to create awareness and increase adoption of the AT&T/EDF Water Efficiency Toolkit nationally, with a targeted focus on the highest water-stressed areas including Los Angeles, Phoenix, Denver, Dallas and Houston.

In 2013, we realized 42 million gallons of annualized water savings, including 19.56 million gallons associated with 10 conservation projects and 22.4 million gallons associated with free-air cooling projects.