Transparency Report


We take our responsibility to protect your information and privacy very seriously. We continue our pledge to protect your privacy to the fullest extent possible and in compliance with the laws of the country where your service is provided.

Like all companies, we are required by law to provide information to government and law enforcement agencies, as well as parties to civil lawsuits, by complying with court orders, subpoenas, lawful discovery requests and other legal requirements. We ensure that these requests are valid, and that our responses comply with the law and our own policies.

This Report

AT&T’s first Transparency Report provided information for 2013. In fulfillment of our commitment to issue reports on a semiannual basis, this report provides specific information regarding the number and types of demands to which we responded from Jan. 1, 2014 through June 30, 2014, as well as National Security Demands for the second half of 2013 which we are providing subject to the U.S. Department of Justice’s guidelines. This report doesn’t include any numbers or information for Cricket™ Wireless because they weren’t acquired until March 2014. We plan to include Cricket’s data in our next report.

What's New?

We appreciate the comments we received on AT&T’s first Transparency Report. We have incorporated changes to provide you with more transparency. These changes include:

  • Disclosing the specific number of wiretaps, pen registers, and general court orders processed.
  • A clearer statement that we require a search warrant or probable cause order before providing any stored content.
The charts below includes hyperlinks to additional information on the category of data reported.

National Security Demands
National Security Letters (Jan. 1-June 30, 2014)
Total Received 1,000 - 1,999
Number of Customer Accounts 2,000 - 2,999
Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (July 1-Dec. 31, 2013)1
Total Content 0 - 999
Customer Accounts 33,000 - 33,999
Total Non-Content 0 - 999
Customer Accounts 0 - 999
Total U.S. Criminal & Civil Demands
Total Demands
(Federal, State and Local; Criminal and Civil)
Subpoenas 86,943
Criminal 78,975
Civil 7,968
Court Orders (General) 15,105
Historic 12,569
Real-Time (Pen registers) 2,536
Search Warrants / Probable Cause Court Orders 9,393
Stored Content 2,532    
Other 6,861    
Wiretaps 1,167    
Mobile Locate Demands 3,317    
Location Demands
(Breakout detail of data included in Total U.S. Criminal & Civil Demands)
Historical 23,646
Real-Time 6,956
Cell Tower 284
Emergency Requests
911 39,449  
Exigent 10,783  
International Demands
Total Demands
Law Enforcement 11
URL/IP Blocking 6

1The Department of Justice imposes a six-month delay for reporting this data.