International Demands

The “International Demands” category represents the number of civil and criminal legal demands originating outside the U.S. and related to AT&T’s operations in foreign countries.  These demands are for information about consumers who reside in other countries, businesses that operate in other countries, and URL/IP (website/internet address) blocking requests from foreign governments.  

The Diverse Services AT&T Provides Internationally Affect the Types and Volume of Demands We Receive

  • Business Services: AT&T provides telecommunications and IT services to the foreign offices of large multi-national business customers.  In all foreign countries where AT&T supports these customers, AT&T primarily receives demands for subscriber information and IP or URL blocking.
  • Consumer Mobility Services:  Mexico is the only country outside of the U.S. where AT&T provides consumer mobility service.  Accordingly, AT&T receives legal demands similar to those it receives in the U.S., including demands for subscriber information, location information and real time content.
  • DIRECTV:  In all Latin American countries where AT&T provides DIRECTV consumer satellite television service we primarily receive requests for subscriber information.  In those Latin American countries where DIRECTV also provides broadband service, we also receive demands for IP or URL blocking.

A Few Additional Points

  • The IP or URL blocking requests come from countries that require us to block access to websites that they deem offensive, illegal, unauthorized or otherwise inappropriate.
  • While AT&T may provide internet access in some foreign countries, we do not have the ability to control the content of any websites other than AT&T’s own sites.  Accordingly, while we did receive and comply with demands from foreign governments to block access to websites in their countries during this reporting period, we did not receive demands to remove content from websites (nor would we be able to do so).
  • During this reporting period we did not receive any requests from any foreign governments to produce any stored content.
  • Finally, the laws governing the international demands that we receive differ by country.  We respond to these demands based on each country’s laws.
Total International Demands
July – Dec. 2015
Jan. – June 2016
Historic 354 369
IP/URL Blocking 2 2
Historic 1 0
IP/URL Blocking 0 0
Historic 0 1
IP/URL Blocking 5 5
Historic 44 88
IP/URL Blocking 1 0
Historic 2 0
IP/URL Blocking 0 0
Historic 5 18
IP/URL Blocking 1 0
Historic 528 622
IP/URL Blocking 12 2
Historic 28 12
IP/URL Blocking 0 0
Historic 2 0
IP/URL Blocking 0 0
Historic 0 0
IP/URL Blocking 0 0
Historic 0 0
IP/URL Blocking 0 0
Historic 6 11
IP/URL Blocking 0 0
Historic 0 0
IP/URL Blocking 2 0
Historic 0 0
IP/URL Blocking 4 6
Historic 0 0
IP/URL Blocking 180 180
Historic 1 0
IP/URL Blocking 0 0
Historic 0
IP/URL Blocking 0 1,090
Historic 3 0
IP/URL Blocking 0 0
Historic 702 1,098
IP/URL Blocking 0 0
Historic: Subscriber Information / Call Detail Records 4,962 5,413
Location Information (Cell Site)
3,357 5,044
Real-Time 397 310
Pen Registers / Wiretaps / Cell Site
139 131
Location Information (Precise)
258 179
Demands Rejected / Partial or No Data Provided (Breakout detail of data included in Total Mexico Demands
Rejected/Challenged 457
Partial or No Information 1,901

3 AT&T only began receiving blocking requests in Turkey in May 2016.

Additional Resources

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  • Our issues brief on Privacy.
  • Our issues brief on Freedom of Expression.

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