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International Highlights

Materiality Assessment Topic: Giving & Philanthropy; Disaster response

Issue Summary

In the global economy, communities are increasingly interconnected and interdependent. As companies expand across the globe, company innovation and resources can help address social and environmental challenges. 

Our Position

We invest in communities around the world. We understand the importance of giving back to the communities in which we live and work.

Our Action

In 2015, we supported programs and projects that are making a meaningful impact in communities around the world.  This ranges from promoting safety, supporting a well-educated workforce, responding to worldwide disaster and emergencies, empowering women and communities, and driving innovation. 

Promoting Safety


AT&T introduced its It Can Wait campaign to Mexico. The program aims to encourage our wireless users, employees and the public to keep their eyes on the road, and not on their phones, while driving. Research from AT&T1 showed more than 9-in-10 (92%) urban Mexicans read or send messages or engage in other smartphone activities while driving. Nearly a quarter (24%) do it “all the time.” In 2015, we joined with government and community officials to launch an It Can Wait public awareness, advertising and pledge campaign in Mexico City. We hosted neighborhood It Can Wait events that included our virtual reality experience, a 3-D setting that allows people to experience the potentially deadly consequences of even glancing at a phone while driving. We’ll expand the campaign to other Mexican cities in 2016.


AT&T was the first and only Mexican wireless carrier to collaborate with the Alerta Amber (Amber Alert) initiative at a national level in 2015. Iusacell, Nextel Mexico and Unefon users receive text messages when a child is missing or abducted in their area.

Fulfilling the Potential of a Generation of Talent

To ensure a robust and well-educated talent pipeline across the globe, we must invest in our future workforce.


Every student deserves the tools to reach their full potential. Through its community initiatives, AT&T has a long history of investing in projects that create learning opportunities. In Europe and Latin America, we’ve been working with Junior Achievement Worldwide to assist with mentor recruitment, student work-experience placements, program quality monitoring and further development of the implementation strategy. In Europe, students working with AT&T employees have the opportunity to join an entrepreneurial program and learn set up their own enterprise or an employability program that sets out the skills and knowledge young people need to succeed. In Mexico and Brazil, students gained work experience through mentoring with volunteers.

The Prince of Wales Foundation and The Prince's Trust

For 10 years, AT&T has supported The Prince of Wales Foundation and The Prince’s Trust – an organization that provides funding and helps disadvantaged young people to get their lives on track. Since 2005, AT&T has contributed more than $575,000 to The Prince of Wales Foundation and The Prince’s Trust, which has gone to support more than 200 young people. We are also a member of the Technology Leadership Group, a networking forum for business leaders across the sector who want to make a difference to young people in the UK. An AT&T team of cyclists also took to the road and raised more than £3,500 in the Palace-to-Palace 45-mile cycle challenge.  


PROLAW is a Master of Laws (LLM) in Rule of Law for Development program that develops leaders to advance social justice across the globe, through effective, sustainable governance and rule of law reform.  AT&T has supported ProLaw with 2015 funding being directed toward scholarship assistance for a student from Mexico to attend the ProLaw LLM course in Rule of Law, at Loyola University’s campus in Rome. 

Supporting Economic Empowerment for Women

In 2006, The Institute for Economic Empowerment of Women (IEEW) created PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS®, a business training and mentorship program for female entrepreneurs in Afghanistan and Rwanda that focuses on the education and promotion of business and leadership skills among women to help build stable democracies. AT&T has been a major sponsor of PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® since its inception, as it embodies many issues that are important to the company, most notably gender equality and the empowerment of women in business.

AT&T is a proud supporter of the PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® program, part of the Institute of the Economic Empowerment of Women (IEEW), which provides training and mentorship to women entrepreneurs that equip and empower them to transform their communities and, ultimately, their home countries. In 2015, The Women of AT&T employee resource group and several female executives once again served as mentors and volunteers to share their experiences and encourage the participants to pursue their career goals.

PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® brings together women like Afghani Homa Usmani and North Carolina’s Patricia Ward, who met for the first time at the AT&T Center for Learning during this year’s program. Patricia’s foundation, named for her daughter who was killed in Afghanistan, had provided Homa a scholarship to attend law school in her country. While studying, Homa started her own clothing company, specializing in uniforms and learned about the PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® program. Throughout it all, she kept in touch with Patricia and after years of communicating remotely, the two connected face to face in July during the program’s summit. See their inspirational story here.

Since the program began, IEEW has directly trained more than 500 women in Rwanda and Afghanistan through its PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® program. On average, more than 80 percent of the women who have gone through PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® are still in business; each graduate in Rwanda creates 22 jobs for fellow country men and women, and each graduate in Afghanistan creates 28 jobs.

Emergency Response


Télécoms Sans Frontières (TSF), a leading emergency telecommunications organization, aims to be on the scene of a disaster — anywhere in the world — within 24 hours. With its headquarters in Europe and its international bases in Bangkok and Nicaragua, TSF provides victims, other relief organizations and first responders with the ability to communicate. In 2015, TSF responded to emergencies from Chile to Nepal, helping connect first responders, victims and other relief organizations. In the Balkins, TSF opened two telecom centers at the heart of the migrant route to help those fleeing instabilities in their home countries. To help ensure children in refugee camps have access to educational tools, they have set up Learning centers in Syria, Turkey, and Iraq. Since 2003, AT&T and the AT&T Foundation contributed $1.2 million to TSF. 

Driving Innovation 

Malaysia Developers' Day

In an effort to drive entrepreneurship in Asia, AT&T joined forces with the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) to host our third annual Developers’ Day in Kuala Lumpur. Designed as catalysts for innovation and entrepreneurship, the 24-hour application development contests provide attendees with the resources, education and networking structure needed to produce mobile apps. More than 100 developers attended the AT&T/MCMC Developers’ Day. The winning team received $10,000 USD. In addition, we awarded nanodegree scholarships to 10 participants, funded by AT&T and Udacity, for an online degree that will help prepare them for careers in the tech industry. 

1 Research developed by EthniFacts with the collaboration of IPSOS Mexico for AT&T. 1,215 respondents in metropolitan areas in Mexico from ages 16 to 65 who use their phone at least once daily and drive three or more days a week.

Updated on: Aug 1, 2016