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Work/Life Balance

Materiality Assessment Topic: Work/life balance | Global Reporting Initiative G4 Indicator: LA2

Issue Summary

In today’s busy world, finding a balance between work and personal life can be a challenge. Flexible work arrangements can help some employees achieve a more productive and rewarding work/life balance, and can have economic and environmental benefits as well.

Our Position

AT&T supports a comprehensive flexible workplace program enabling employees to work from a variety of locations to support the needs of our business, which includes flexible work options provided to employees for whom it makes the most sense.

Our Action

Workplace 2020

AT&T is building our workforce needed for 2020, providing resources and tools to enhance capabilities, which includes giving our employees work environments with the right technology and space components. A few of the  Workplace 2020 goals are to create an agile environment that attracts both our current and future workforce, increases employee engagement, aligns with our brand and supports how mobile technology is transforming the way that AT&T works.   Pursuing these goals as a collaborative effort with the corporate real estate, human resources and IT teams, AT&T is focusing on our people, places and technology.

  • People: Our employees deliver results by using our technology and resources, which give them the ability to do their work in an environment that best meets our business needs.
  • Places: Improving our employee experience by providing a range of workplace options that support both team and individual work. In AT&T’s larger facilities, workspaces are being designed to bring our people together, providing increased opportunities to collaborate and innovate. Whether working from an AT&T location or off-site, Workplace 2020 offers a flexible work environment and a variety of work spaces and platforms.
  • Technology: Equipping our employees with the skills, tools and technology to succeed. These tools and technologies help our people work more effectively, enabling both virtual and in-person collaboration.

The result of Workplace 2020 includes real estate savings, a reduced environmental impact due to decreased energy requirements and emissions, and a more flexible and effective workplace for our employees to use the tools, products and services AT&T offers in the marketplace.

Flex Workplace

AT&T’s Flexible Workplace Program launched in January 2015 to enable active collaboration and flexible work arrangements. With this program, we’re capturing the benefits of new technologies and enabling teams to work where they are most effective to meet the demands of our global work environment. Whether an employee works from an AT&T facility, a client office, home or another location, the Flexible Workplace Program can help teams manage the demands of the business, boost productivity, facilitate ideation and innovative collaboration, while enhancing recruitment and reducing environmental impact by using space more wisely.

Flextime and Leave

When big life events happen, we also have programs in place to promote balance. We offer many company leave options to help employees maintain a proper work/life balance. Employees generally may take up to 12 months of unpaid leave to care for a newborn or adopted child or to care for a seriously ill family member. Several additional unpaid leaves are also available, including military service and personal leaves of absence. Many organizations also allow and/or utilize flextime, compressed work weeks and part-time schedules to meet business requirements and assist in employees’ work/life balance.

Updated on: Aug 1, 2016