How do we connect a world of 7 billion without inhibiting our natural environment's ability to support us? It is a daunting, exciting and critical challenge, and we are working hard toward meeting it every day.



AT&T is working to make a positive impact on the world. Learn how you can join in right now and be a part of that by switching to paperless billing, recycling your phone, shopping for eco-rated devices/accessories and more.

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Water Management

Water is deeply important to the communities where we operate. It is also critical to our own operations. We teamed up with Environmental Defense Fund to address water use in our buildings.

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Effective energy management has a direct impact on a company’s bottom line, is an important environmental consideration and is critical to the competitiveness of our business and the reliability of our service to customers. A three-pronged approach guides our efforts: company-wide energy efficiency initiatives, collaboration and alternative energy. 

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Transportation Initiatives

In 2009, we made a commitment to invest up to $565 million to deploy approximately 15,000 alternative-fuel vehicles (AFVs) over a 10-year period through 2018. By the end of 2014, we had deployed 10,628 AFVs.

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Device Recycling and Waste Management

From the buildings we occupy to the phones we sell, we seek to minimize waste in our operations. In 2014, AT&T collected approximately 4.3 million cell phones for reuse and recycling. In addition, there were 282,500 pounds of cell phone batteries and accessories recycled in 2014. 

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Supply Chain

Through our supply chain, we have the reach to impact even greater improvements in environmental performance. We’re working with our suppliers to promote progress in areas of energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, water, packaging, waste and recycling. 

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Top suppliers scored an average of more than 70 percent on our sustainability scorecard in 2014

5.9 million gallons of unleaded gasoline avoided in 2014 through the deployment of AFVs

Approximately 4.3 million cell phones reused or recycled in 2014

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