What could $100 million in free mobile connectivity do for classrooms across America?

Our Pledge

On February 4, 2014, AT&T announced a $100 million commitment to provide middle and high school students in Title 1 schools, free mobile broadband access for educational devices, mobile device management, network filtering and teacher professional development for three years. 

Specifically, AT&T will provide:

  • 4G mobile broadband data services for student access to learning-based websites, applications, and services;
  • Mobile device management to support tracking and usage of devices;
  • Security software to protect access, safety and security of students;
  • Solution integration for schools, to support device configuration, logistics and care services, and
  • Training for teachers and administrators on effective ways to integrate this solution into classrooms and learning.

AT&T has pledged more than $100 million to give middle and high school students in Title 1 schools free Internet connectivity for educational devices over their wireless network for three years.

AT&T’s mobile broadband service will enable students to utilize tablets and other mobile devices for educational purposes that support student learning in new and more effective ways.

How to apply for AT&T’s ConnectED initiative

We welcome middle and high schools to learn more and to apply to receive AT&T broadband services as part of this program. To learn more about the criteria for applicants and to apply, we invite you to take a look at the Connected Nation website. Connected Nation is an independent, non-profit organization focused on promoting the power of broadband and related technology to energize the economy, transform communities, and improve lives. The organization will administer the application and selection process on behalf of AT&T.

Why is AT&T involved?

Through AT&T Aspire, the company’s signature education initiative, AT&T is focused on creating new learning environments and educational delivery systems to help students be successful in school and get them ready to take on 21st century careers. Technology is fundamentally altering education, and AT&T will help drive this change.

What is ConnectED?

In June of 2013, President Obama announced the ConnectED initiative, which empowers teachers with technology and training, and students with access to digital resources. Currently, fewer than 30% of classrooms have internet access that supports digital learning. The initiative will connect 99% of classrooms to enable next-generation digital learning. 

The President challenged American companies to support the enriched K-12 educational environment that ConnectED can help deliver. Leading companies including AT&T have answered the challenge, together pledging over $750 million in direct commitments. 

Access to mobile broadband allows students and teachers to expand the classroom with a new generation of educational tools. From software that lets students learn at their own pace to interactive content that makes learning more engaging, these technologies lead to breakthroughs in teaching methods and assessing student progress.

Fewer than one in three of America’s classrooms have Internet access to support digital learning.

ConnectED will connect 99% of students to next-generation, high-speed broadband within five years. For more information, read the White House fact sheet or watch the President's remarks below.