AT&T Aspire Funding Inquiry

AT&T Aspire is committed to supporting organizations implementing verifiable, evidenced-based interventions focused on improving high school retention rates and preparing students – especially those most at-risk – for college or career. 

Programs should have clearly articulated program outcomes focused on improving student success such as:

  • Increasing high school graduation rates;
  • Increasing on-time promotion to the next grade or on-track to graduate rates;
  • Increasing credit accumulation and completion of core courses;
  •  Improving attendance rates; and,
  • Reducing behavioral and disciplinary problems.

AT&T Aspire supports both nationally and locally-based programs.  AT&T seeks to fund programs utilizing socially innovative approaches that impact students in more effective and efficient ways, such as using technology to create unique learning experiences. 

To view examples of programs funded in the past, please review the 2012 AT&T Aspire Local Impact Initiative Recipients. 

If you are interested in applying for funding through AT&T Aspire, please complete this survey. It is designed to gather information about your organization, the proposed program for which you are seeking funding from AT&T, and the organization's readiness to participate in the Aspire evaluation.

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