As smart technologies proliferate and we all come to depend on sharing voice, data and video, our networks must carry more data. For example, mobile data traffic on our wireless network increased more than 100,000 percent from January 2007-December 2014.

This increase in data traffic requires energy. We’re addressing the energy implications through a three-pronged approach to energy management:

Energy Efficiency 

We implemented 3,911 projects that totaled an annualized savings of $84 million in 2014, and over 25,000 energy projects producing annualized savings of over $243 million from 2010-2014.

A scorecard drives accountability and progress at our top 2,000 energy consuming facilities.


We work with leading experts to bring fresh thinking to energy management. Groups include the Rocky Mountain Institute, Environmental Defense Fund Climate Corps, and the City of Chicago.


$84 million realized in annualized energy savings from 3,911 energy projects in 2014

Alternative Energy

At the end of 2014, our alternative energy portfolio included 5.05 megawatts (MW) of solar installations and 17.5 MW of onsite fuel cell power from Bloom Energy servers, for a total alternative-energy capacity of 22.55 MW.

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