Device Recycling

Americans dispose of 152 million mobile devices each year. However, only about 17 million (a little over 10 percent) of these will be collected for recycling.1

AT&T and its customers can play an important role in addressing this issue by adopting programs that are accessible, thus making recycling easier for everyone.

In 2014, AT&T collected approximately 4.3 million cell phones for reuse and recycling. In addition, there were 282,500 pounds of cell phone batteries and accessories recycled in 2014.

At AT&T, customers can recycle their old devices by:

  • Dropping them off at an AT&T retail store recycle bin
  • Taking advantage of the Buyback Program with an AT&T retail associate or online with
  • Returning their AT&T Next phone when they upgrade

282,500 pounds of cell phone batteries and accessories recycled in 2014

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