Water Management

Water is deeply important to the communities where we operate. It is also critical to our own operations. The network that forms the core of our business requires a controlled and cooled environment, and water is oftentimes a critical input to the cooling equipment we use to create those conditions. In 2014, we used 3.046 billion gallons of water.

In 2012, we teamed up with Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and engaged in a series of pilot projects to evaluate water efficiency opportunities.

As a result of those pilots, we found potential savings of 14-40 percent by implementing new technologies and using free air cooling. In order to scale savings, we created a toolkit that could save 28 billion gallons of water if adopted by U.S. companies.

That’s why we made our tools available to all organizations that could benefit from them. Over the course of 2013, EDF and AT&T distributed and promoted these tools to building owners who have the opportunity to reduce water usage and costs. In 2014, EDF teamed up with the Global Environmental Management Initiative (GEMI) to expand the toolkit and take over its management at http://www.gemi.org/EDFGEMIwaterMAPP/.

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