AT&T Military/Veterans Program Funding Inquiry

AT&T is committed to supporting our military, veterans, and their families by advancing education, strengthening communities, and improving lives. AT&T prefers goal-oriented projects with specific targeted outcomes and evaluation plans. To stretch the impact of its resources, AT&T seeks broad-based efforts and partnerships with other public and private resources.

 Programs should also align with the company’s military/veteran program priorities:

  • Job training programs that prepare military/veterans for meaningful employment when they leave the military;
  • Programs that help military/veterans make a successful transition to civilian life after leaving the military;
  • Leadership development programs for military/veterans;
  • Programs that help students of military families successfully complete high school and/or prepare for and gain access to college and career; and,
  • Programs that help military/veterans and their families successfully complete college.

If you are interested in applying for funding through AT&T, please complete this survey.  It is designed to gather information about your organization and the proposed program for which you are seeking funding from AT&T.

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Thank you for your interest in AT&T’s military support.