Preparing tomorrow’s workforce for college and careers creates opportunities for people around the world. Our resources unleash the possibility for communities to be successful. Through investments in both innovative ed-tech and proven education programs, and through one-on-one mentorship alongside large-scale volunteer efforts, possibilities unlock.

AT&T Aspire

Preparing students for their future — whether in college or career — requires resources and imagination. When technology enables learning, role models support students and new investment fuels existing education programs, minds around the world are inspired. That’s the power of AT&T Aspire.


$317 million invested through AT&T Aspire since 2008 toward a $350 million commitment to education. 

Mobilizing Learning

Technology is fundamentally altering education by removing barriers so that everyone — regardless of age, gender, income or location — has the opporrtunity to make her dreams a reality. We are driving this change by developing tools for anytime, anywhere learning.

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Making Connections

When mentors connect to young people, both are changed for the better. Through Aspire Mentoring Academy, we set a goal to provide 1 million hours of student mentoring by AT&T employees by the end of 2016.

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Powering Career Skills

The tech industry needs a capable and diverse pipeline of employees to fuel 21st century jobs. The need is currently outpacing the supply of skilled talent. To power the global economy, we need to bridge the skills gap and build a diverse talent pipeline for the jobs of today and the future.

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Supporting What Works

When communities connect with proven strategies to help student achieve, graduation rates rise. 

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Mentoring and Volunteering

Helping a student with math homework from 2,000 miles away. Cleaning up a local park. Serving hot meals to those less fortunate. When we work beyond our own four walls to better our communities, we discover our better selves. 


More than 5.4 million employee and retiree volunteer hours in 2015.

Aspire Mentoring Academy

When a mentor and a student connect and share experiences, both gain perspective. Aspire Mentoring Academy matches AT&T employees with students who need mentors. We collaborate with nonprofit education groups to make these matches. Events take place at AT&T work locations, online and in the community. The program helps students gain life skills, learn about diverse career paths, and ultimately understand how their achievements today connect to their success tomorrow.

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President’s Volunteer Service Award

Our company and our communities are better off thanks to the commitment of our employee volunteers. Each year we recognize volunteers from across the company who’ve given more than 100 hours of their own time to serve others.

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Disaster Relief

AT&T assists victims of natural disasters and affected communities through corporate giving, volunteerism and network preparedness and response. Our Network Disaster Recovery (NDR) organization helps people maintain vital wireless and wired connections in the midst of turmoil. 

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Do One Thing

Think of one action you can take today to improve the world around you. What if taking this action inspired two others to take an action of their own? By doing one thing, you could open up possibilities for people you may not even know. This is the challenge we pose to employees with our Do One Thing (DOT) initiative.

Justin Travis

AT&T employees in metro Detroit volunteer to feed 200-300 people in need during the holidays.

Jeanelly Concepción

AT&T employees are using mobile devices and tablets instead of paper guides to cut paper usage.

Matt Langer

AT&T employees volunteer every month with different non-profits in the Phoenix area to improve their community.

Mohammed Farshori

AT&T employees are training and deploying 1000 Network service ambassadors from OASIS membership to AT&T small and medium sized enterprise customers.

Nitin Dogra

Nitin Dogra, a senior project manager at AT&T, has been named a 2015 DOT Champion for his initiative to help fellow employees improve their physical and mental well-being.

Don Creech

Don Creech started a DOT team to engage his co-workers in Atlanta, Georgia in the Do One Thing movement. Through his leadership the DOT membership grew over 10% in his large building.

Through DOT, we aim to help employees create their own social movement. From volunteering at a local animal shelter to using less paper, DOTs are about combining all of our personal efforts to change the world around us. 

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