C&S Hub Spotlight On Swathy Ramaswamy

07 Mar 2014 | AT&T

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What is your typical day like on the job?

Every day is very different on this job. I usually spend some quiet time in the morning getting caught up on news and updates online in the sustainability sphere.

Since I manage multiple projects, I spend a good portion of my day meeting with internal teams in Supply Chain, Marketing and the Corporate Citizenship and Sustainability team to discuss ongoing initiatives and ensure that they are moving in the right direction. 

I also regularly meet with the supply chain sustainability team to share updates, brainstorm solutions and ensure that we are aligned on the overall Supply Chain Sustainability program.

In addition, I meet with suppliers frequently to discuss various sustainability initiatives. I also learn a lot by seeing processes as they happen on the ground, so I frequently visit AT&T field locations including distribution centers as well as our suppliers’ facilities.

How does your role support AT&T’s efforts to improve environmental and social performance and impact?

My role on the supply chain sustainability team supports AT&T’s efforts in advancing sustainable business practices throughout our supply chain across areas such as energy efficiency, greenhouse gas emissions reductions, labor practices, conflict minerals and more. Also, my prior experience as a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt is useful when it comes to identifying and implementing projects that focus on elimination of waste and improving efficiency within the context of sustainability.

Currently, I lead the Packaging and Shipping Sustainability program which aims to reduce the environmental impacts of product packaging using a life cycle assessment approach, while improving process and material efficiencies.  A few ongoing projects include improvements to our mobility product packaging, network equipment packaging, as well as end of life recycling.

Why do you think sustainability is important to business?

Sustainability is a transformational way of doing business to ensure the company thrives and is successful in the long term. It is a way to wow our customers and stakeholders while minimizing our environmental footprint and taking care of the communities we work in and serve. It helps deliver bottom-line results while preserving the integrity of our brand.

 What are some of your hobbies outside of work?

I am very involved in my son’s school and extracurricular activities. I am passionate about mentoring and STEM education especially for low income children, which is why I also mentor a high school student with the AT&T Aspire and Big Brothers Big Sisters initiative. I also enjoy running and the outdoors. I love traveling, experiencing various cultures and seeing different parts of the world.

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