In Your Community: New York’s AT&T Street Charge

30 Jul 2014 | Marissa Shorenstein

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At the 50th anniversary of the World’s Fair, AT&T continued to demonstrate its more than half century commitment to innovation by announcing the 2014 launch of AT&T Street Charge, solar-powered mobile charging stations that allow New Yorkers to charge their mobile devices at more than 20 parks and beach locations anytime for free. 



AT&T Street Charge was conceived as a result of the communications challenges many New Yorkers faced during Superstorm Sandy, when power outages made it impossible for people to charge their devices and connect to loved ones. AT&T Street Charge, which debuted on a small scale last summer, uses the sun’s energy, rather than the electric grid, to provide a reliable source of power day and night so New Yorkers can stay connected.


AT&T Street Charge joins our other high tech solutions: untethering people from from the walls and wires upon which we have long relied. New York City in particular is home to a booming technology sector that is changing the way we live, work, share and interact with each other. It’s this concept of “mobilizing our world” that remains at the heart of AT&T’s innovation philosophy.

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Marissa Shorenstein

President, AT&T New York


Marissa Shorenstein currently serves as President of AT&T for the state of New York. In her role as president, Marissa oversees the company’s external and public affairs as well as regulatory and legislative agendas, strategic communications, sponsorship and foundation activities. Marissa was Director of Communications for Andrew Cuomo’s successful 2010 campaign for Governor of New York State. Before joining the Cuomo campaign, she was Press Secretary and Deputy Director of Communications for Governor David A. Paterson where she also oversaw communications for the dozens of states agencies across the state

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