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03 Oct 2014 | AT&T

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What is your typical day like on the job?

This job is so dynamic that no two days really look alike, but I do spend a significant portion of my time meeting with our internal business partners. We are doing so many interesting projects within our own operational groups such as corporate real estate, fleet and supply chain that it can be a challenge keeping abreast of everything. Then when you think about all the cool products and services that are being developed in the M2M, Big Data and Cloud areas – things that can really help our customers be more sustainable– that’s when things get really exciting. So working with these internal groups on their sustainability goals is a big part of my day.

How does your role support AT&T’s efforts to improve environmental and social performance and impact?

My area of focus is on integrating sustainability into our operational resource use. We are working hard to move the needle on delivering the highest value to our customers by using resources as efficiently as possible. I support our operational teams in their efforts to improve energy and fleet fuel efficiency, reduce water consumption, and explore forms of alternative energy to help lower our carbon footprint. In some cases, we collaborate with outside groups to pilot sustainable solutions within our own operations. A great example of this is the work we are doing with EDF on improving water efficiency in building cooling systems. Together we developed a toolkit that can help not just AT&T, but any organization that operates large buildings to reduce their water consumption.

Another way I support our efforts is to try to keep the benefits of sustainability top of mind for our internal decision makers. From making decisions about capital improvement projects within our own operations to what features should be included in our products and services, there is a huge opportunity to make a significant impact for ourselves and for our customers.

Why do you think sustainability is important to business?

Regardless of what industry you’re in, the opportunities that businesses have to positively impact society and the environment are significant. We’re operating in an environment of increasingly scarce resources and it is in the best interest of businesses to use those limited resources as efficiently as possible. More and more, employees and customers are expecting businesses to not only operate more sustainably but also to provide innovative sustainability solutions. Businesses reduce costs from more efficient resource use and increase revenue by selling more products that customers want. So at a very basic level this creates a win/win situation for everyone.

If you could have dinner with one historical figure, who would it be and why?

I would have to say Winston Churchill because he was a witty conversationalist and enjoyed a good meal.

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