Eyes on the Storm

05 Nov 2014 | AT&T

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When disaster strikes, our company and our employees assist victims and affected communities through network preparedness and disaster response, corporate giving, employee support and volunteerism. We've invested millions of dollars and thousands of hours on Network Disaster Recovery (NDR) to help make our networks more reliable every day, including during and after disasters.

We also proactively prepare for a variety of occurrences throughout the year by completing Network Disaster Recovery (NDR) readiness drills, including full-scale exercises at which our engineers and technicians deploy recovery equipment as if there were a real disaster. Our very own Weather Operations Center helps us to keep an eye on potential nature-related threats to our network, our employees, and our communities. These exercises and the Weather Operations Center enable us to minimize damages and mobilize our response even faster.

To learn more about how you can prepare for storms, check out this AT&T Newsroom story.

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