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10 Dec 2014 | Tanya Lombard

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Last week, at the Rainbow PUSH Coalition and Citizenship Education Fund’s Annual Public Policy and Media & Telecommunications Symposium, AT&T was honored as a Distinguished Corporate Leader for our efforts to promote social justice and advance communities of color, especially in media and telecom issues. This recognition meant a lot to me. Rainbow PUSH and its leadership play a vital role in empowering our communities, and AT&T is a proud partner in their pursuit of equality. The team at this incredible organization makes it their mission to advocate for peace, fight for human rights equality and ensure justice for all. Leading this successful charge at Rainbow PUSH is its founder and my friend, Reverend Jesse Jackson. Reverend Jackson is a tireless voice in promoting equality in the workplace at all levels including the C suite and in the boardroom.

I am grateful to be surrounded by thought leaders who work to give minorities a voice and the PUSH they need to thrive in the technology space.

As a partner in the spirit of Rainbow PUSH, AT&T stands strong on numerous diversity issues across all departments to ensure the empowerment of our diverse group of employees in the workplace. I am extraordinarily proud of my company and the efforts we made to expand opportunities for all employees. This award and our other recent recognitions are a testament to AT&T’s hard work; we should all be proud of our commitment to foster more diversity in the technology industry.

All AT&T employees are a part of this mission; AT&T's 137-year history of innovation unifies and empowers people from all walks of life through our advanced mobile technology and broadband. It is embedded in our culture to encourage inclusion that will create opportunities for diverse populations, and that makes us the company we are today. AT&T is not only a great place to work for employees of all backgrounds—we are also committed to extending this culture to our communities.

This award recognizes the determination of my colleagues to promote diversity in the media and tech industries. I am grateful to be surrounded by thought leaders who work to give minorities a voice and the PUSH they need to thrive in the technology space.

Together let’s make 2015 another successful year!

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Tanya Lombard

Assistant Vice President, AT&T Public Affairs


From Capitol Hill to the Hollywood Hills, Tanya Lombard is someone who knows how to connect the proverbial dots. A quick glance at her resume reveals that she is no stranger to, and is firmly entrenched within, the upper echelons of major corporations, global policy makers and tinsel town elites. Her feet however, remain firmly planted on the ground evidenced in her record of social activism, community leadership and governmental service. The quintessential New Orleans native, Tanya carries with her the flair and dare I say, swagger that the old city is known for. The mish-mash of class, race, religion and culture that define New Orleans helped nurture Ms. Lombard's talents as an effective communicator, humble servant and leader to individuals from all walks of humanity.

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