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10 Sep 2015 | Don Creech

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I first became involved with AT&T’s Do One Thing (DOT) movement – a simple invitation to every employee to take small, repeatable actions to positively impact themselves, their communities or the workplace – about four and a half years ago. A DOT is a simple, measurable action that anyone can do, either at work or at home, to make a difference. One of my DOTs is to encourage others to not text while driving. By encouraging others to make this lifestyle change, I know I am helping save lives.

One of the things I love most about DOT is the idea that small actions can add up to make a collective, massive impact. As I became more involved, I knew I wanted to invite my co-workers to join me to make an even bigger positive difference together. I started a team to do just that, and now the DOT team has grown into one of the largest teams in the entire company. We have nearly 500 members, have volunteered over 1,300 hours and have kept over 12,000 pounds of trash out of landfills! Each of our DOTs really add up.

I am very thankful that AT&T allows and encourages ALL its employees to become involved in such a great initiative. As our team numbers grow, so does our impact. I could not be more proud of the all the DOTsters who give back so much to our community and the world – it all begins by Doing One Thing.

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Don Creech

AT&T Senior Manager of eCommerce for myAT&T and myServices


Don Creech is an AT&T Senior Manager of eCommerce for myAT&T and myServices and was awarded the 2015 Q2 Champion of DOT.

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