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11 Sep 2015 | John Schulz

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This week, AT&T joined more than 35,000 innovators and professionals at the CTIA #SuperMobility 2015 Expo in Las Vegas to learn and share the latest and greatest that’s happening in mobile innovation.

What was on everyone’s mind? Internet of Things.

Internet of Things (IoT) is a hot topic everywhere we look – it’s connecting all types of devices and machines so they can “talk” to one another. At AT&T, we’re providing the connection between those “things,” and using the power of our network to build a better tomorrow.

The opportunities are vast and this week, we announced some very cool and exciting ways our technology is enabling connections that can help our planet and our people:

  • Improved solar energy management: Enphase Energy, Inc. selected AT&T to provide IoT connectivity to cellular modems that are part of its new Envoy-S with Mobile Connect. This IoT connectivity will help solar homes and small businesses have more reliable and flexible energy management as the solution provides features like energy usage insight, consumption monitoring and remote update capabilities.
  • A smart garden: GreenIQ announced the launch of the first 3G-enabled smart garden device, powered exclusively by AT&T. Whether on vacation or managing multiple client lawns, garden owners and lawn care professionals can now more easily manage irrigation systems and monitor water usage.
  • Smart cities: Through a recently formed Smart Cities Organization, AT&T is engaging in a number of initiatives to create connected solutions for cities. Using IoT technology, AT&T is connecting things like utility meters, street lights and water systems to help cities save money, preserve natural resources and build better relationships with their citizens.
  • Care for patients, remotely: Access to wireless technologies like those offered by AT&T can help healthcare providers and patients stay connected and informed about their health and treatment. AT&T has teamed up with Dr. Lynda Chin of the Institute for Health Transformation at the University of Texas System on “Health Care Transformation” projects – like Diabetes Obesity Control (Project DOC).
  • A connected wheelchair: AT&T and Permobil have developed a proof of concept solution that wirelessly connects wheelchairs to increase user independence and freedom. The solution – being developed and tested at the AT&T Foundry – allows users to access data via the highly secure cloud and share it with caregivers, fleet technicians and clinicians to improve the users’ health.
  • Connected fleets around the globe: The combination of AT&T’s global network and Telogis’ telematics, compliance and mobile and navigation software creates full-fleet solutions for businesses around the world – connecting vehicles of all sizes from small trucks to 18-wheelers and heavy equipment.

With 23 million devices connected on the AT&T network alone, this is just the beginning. When we talk about #ATTimpact, this is what we mean – and we’re working with leading companies and innovators to launch the IoT revolution!

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John Schulz

AVP of Sustainability Operations


John Schulz is AVP of Sustainability Operations at AT&T, and is focused on embedding sustainability into AT&T’s operations, products and services while positioning Information and Communications Technology (ICT) as an important sustainability solution.

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