Managing Our Energy in an iCONic Way

04 Aug 2016 | John Schinter

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As a company that promotes technology to overcome obstacles and create solutions, AT&T is always looking for ways to apply our capabilities in addressing challenges associated with environmental sustainability.

That is reflected in our goal to enable carbon savings 10x the footprint of our own operations by 2025. It is also seen in our efforts to use Internet of Things (IoT) technology to enable greater water management and even help with the creation of more environmentally efficient Smart Cities

The implementation of Project iCON is helping to revolutionize the way we manage energy and ultimately increase our energy efficiency.

Less visible is the work we are doing on the inside – where we are using our technology not just to help create a more sustainable world but to also directly embed sustainability across our operations. One key example of that is an initiative we call Project iCON (Intelligent Connection of Facility Networks). This innovative approach allows AT&T to manage its energy and emissions while also realizing costs savings.

Project iCON uses our network to acquire valuable data from AT&T facilities and equipment across the country. We can then manage the data from a single, centralized dashboard that allows us to create performance baselines, monitor equipment status, and identify required maintenance actions in real time. This allows for significant savings on maintenance costs, in addition to reduction in unnecessary energy use. The implementation of Project iCON is helping to revolutionize the way we manage energy and ultimately increase our energy efficiency.

This is just one way that AT&T is embracing the same kinds of innovative environmental sustainability solutions that we talk about with our customers, suppliers and peers. Making real change at a company means embracing it throughout the value chain – and that starts in your direct operations. By utilizing initiatives like Project iCON, we are demonstrating that technology can be a solution that enables a more sustainable world. 

About the Author

John Schinter

AVP of Energy and Property Management Center of Excellence

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Mr. Schinter is the first appointed AT&T AVP Energy that leads the group responsible for the operational strategy and execution of programs for energy, carbon, water and dry waste across the AT&T Global enterprise and is located in Chicago. Mr. Schinter has 31 years of professional experience in the energy and environmental sustainability industry including his most recent position as the founding President of the Global Energy and Sustainability Services line of business for Jones Lang LaSalle.

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