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13 Jan 2017 | Mike Beaudoin

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What is innovation? It’s generating new ideas, solving complex problems, bringing new products and services to market, and improving customer experiences. Innovation lies at the heart of AT&T’s business philosophy. It helps us to stay competitive in a changing marketplace, respond to and drive consumer demand, as well as find new ways to deliver products and services to address some of society’s biggest challenges. 

Innovation lies at the heart of AT&T’s business philosophy.

True entrepreneurs understand turning a profit doesn’t happen overnight. It takes constant striving to turn ideas into action, then action into products and services customers want and need. It requires time, infrastructure and capital, and it is accelerated with mentoring, support and education.

We are committed to helping small business owners succeed with all of these tools. AT&T’s wired and wireless networks are helping unleash innovative technologies to help small businesses thrive. But our commitment goes deeper than just providing these services; we also mentor and support small business owners.

The AT&T Aspire Accelerator is one example. The program aims to enhance education by supporting and mentoring some of the most promising and innovative start-ups in ed-tech with investment, mentoring and collaboration opportunities to help these small, growing businesses succeed. AT&T Aspire focuses on ed-tech startups in particular because we know education of our future workforce and country is one of the most important issues facing society and our business.

We also provide resources and education through our AT&T Small Business portal, including webinars, online courses, business tips and the Business Circle, an online community where small business owners can share ideas and best practices about how technology can help their company succeed.

These programs are only part of our efforts to help small businesses. We are also taking extra steps to support women, minority and veteran-owned businesses. These are some of the fastest growing businesses in the nation, and AT&T will to continue to be a strong partner for these business owners going forward.

Starting a business is not as simple as it used to be, but AT&T is a resource, supporting entrepreneurs as they turn dreams into business success at every step of the way.

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Mike Beaudoin

Associate Director of Social Investment, AT&T


Michael S Beaudoin II is the Associate Director of Social Investment at AT&T. He is based in San Francisco.

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