AT&T Aspire creates connections that drive innovation in education. Together, these connections are helping students and communities across America.


Mobilizing Learning

Technology is fundamentally altering education by removing barriers so that everyone – regardless of age, gender, income or zip code – has the opportunity to make their dreams a reality. AT&T is helping to drive this change by developing tools for anytime, anywhere learning.

We are working with the Momentous Institute in Dallas to develop new educational and social-emotional applications and curriculum. We are bringing new opportunities to students, teachers and administrators by enhancing connectivity and putting tablets in the hands of every student and teacher. We are collaborating on custom educational software that teachers can use to deliver one-to-one instruction. For example, we recently released mobile apps with Momentous Institute that can help children better understand their emotions.

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We’ve also collaborated with Khan Academy to help develop a personal and interactive app. Khan’s free online library of learning resources brings interactive, personalized learning to students via problem questions, handwriting recognition and more. Students can learn using videos, interactive exercises and articles on subjects from algebra to prehistoric art to chemistry.

We launched the AT&T Aspire Accelerator to enhance education by supporting and mentoring the most promising and innovative startups in ed-tech. For and non-profit organizations selected receive financial investment, access to expert services and mentorship. We have helped the 19 previous participants from the first 3 classes attract more than $18.3 million in funding and reach more than 12.2 million students.

AT&T knows technology. By bringing this expertise to our partnerships and programs in education, we are helping to transform learning and empower students to succeed.


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