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Accessibility & Disability Services

AT&T is committed to providing accessibility to customers with disabilities. Learn about accessibility services from AT&T.

  • All people. All ages. All abilities.

    • About

      At AT&T, accessibility is more than just a word — it's a commitment to our customers with disabilities to provide the products and services they need to stay connected. And today, we are making it easier than ever for people of all ages, and all abilities, to do just that.

      From developing accessibility services to providing alternate billing formats, we're not only anticipating and meeting our customers' needs today, we are creating new communications solutions for tomorrow.

    • Products

      At AT&T, we are proud to offer our customers with disabilities a variety of products and services that meet accessibility needs.

      iPhone 3GS

      Universal Design


      U-verse TV,  Closed Captioning through certain content providers. Closed Captioning allows hearing impaired subscribers to see the movie dialog as text on the bottom of the screen.

      AT&T U-verse customers can also program their DVR from their PC, allowing visually impaired subscribers to easily schedule recordings. The layout and shape of the buttons on the U-verse TV remote and the programming guide sounds also help the visually impaired navigate the service.

      We also offer our local directory assistance, which is available at no charge for customers who have a qualified disability that makes it difficult to use the printed telephone directory (Call 1-800-464-7928 to find out more).

    • Plans and Billing


      To support the needs of our customers with disabilities, AT&T also offers adjusted data plans. For example, our Text Accessibility Plan (TAP), offered on a variety of our products including iPhone 3G, means a deaf customer can take advantage of wireless services for less.


      To make it easier for our customers who have difficulty reading a standard phone bill, we also offer bills in large print or Braille. For more information or to order your bill in an alternate format, please call 1-800-464-7928.

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      Additional Information

      Customer Service

      At AT&T, we’re committed to offering accessibility support and a wide range of communications services to our customers with vision, hearing, mobility and speech limitations. This commitment has continued for many years.

      In the early 1960s, we were the first telecommunications company to offer a teletypewriter service to our customers called TTY Relay Service. This product continues to evolve: In 2002, we launched AT&T Internet Relay Service, followed by AT&T Video Relay Service, which allows users to sign, rather than type, their communications. And, in 2009, we launched AT&T Real Time IM Relay Service. Learn more on all AT&T Relay Services.

      In addition to our TTY service, we offer our customers with disabilities a choice for their wireless devices. Many of our handsets and accessories can be tailored to meet a number of special needs, from large print to Braille. And through HITEC, we can provide additional equipment customers with special needs require to stay connected.

      We're also available to address our special needs customers through multiple channels:

      • Special Needs
        Voice Calls: 1-800-288-8303
        TTY Calls: 1-800-536-8890
      • Repair Center
        Voice Calls: 1-800-246-8464
        TTY Calls: 1-800-397-3172