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AT&T Enhanced Push To Talk

AT&T Enhanced Push To Talk (PTT) solutions helps businesses speed up communication with employees. Get the latest news on AT&T Enhance Push To Talk for business.

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      For some organizations, a phone call just takes too long. Construction workers, taxi drivers, security personnel and more rely on the ability to instantly get in touch with one another using Push-to-Talk (PTT) services.

      AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk can help speed up communications and increase productivity for mobile workers in any industry. With dramatically improved performance, more features and broader device choices, the service is changing the way organizations think about push-to-talk technology.

      AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk offers:

      • Simultaneous voice and data, allowing users to access mobile applications while talking over the PTT network
      • Large contact lists and groups, ideal for organizations with lots of mobile employees
      • Faster connection times than competitive PTT solutions
      • Integration with business applications for field force automation, fleet management, dispatching, GPS tracking and more
      • Ability to run on a wide range of smartphones, rugged phones, feature phones and specialty devices
      • Interoperability with existing mobile radio systems, such as Land Mobile Radio (LMR) and Private Mobile Radio (PMR)

      Businesses across the U.S. are using AT&T Enhanced PTT - and their feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. According to Steve Colkitt, IT Director at Atlanta-based CourierNet, "What separates AT&T's service from other PTT technology is the speed and quality of the connection. We will invest whatever it takes in a solution that reaches the level of quality we experienced in the trial of AT&T Enhanced PTT."

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    • Related Solutions

      Field Service Automation solutions are a perfect complement to AT&T's forthcoming Enhanced PTT service. Mobile applications, devices and GPS trackers all make it easier for companies to stay in touch with their employees — no matter where they are.

      AT&T offers the following capabilities and more:

      • Virtual timecards for mobile devices, which allow workers to record their hours on the go.
      • Easy-to-use mobile forms for capturing job-specific data, such as inventory, invoices, patient information, or proof of delivery.
      • Real-time employee and vehicle location tracking.
      • Wireless dispatching services that enable businesses to schedule jobs or work orders and then send that information directly to employees' mobile devices.

      If companies can't find the exact mobile app to fit their Field Service Automation needs, they can create their own using AT&T MobileApplication Development (MAD) . AT&T MAD is a comprehensive suite of products and services that allows organizations in any industry to design, build, manage and deploy mobile applications.

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