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AT&T's mobile marketing solutions help businesses reach consumers through their mobile devices.

  • About AT&T Mobile Marketing Solutions

    Most of us spend our days interacting with our mobile devices — from tapping snooze on a smartphone alarm clock app in the morning to watching TV shows on a tablet before bed.

    For marketers, the highly connected consumer presents both challenges and opportunities. Companies want to raise brand awareness and promote their products through mobile marketing campaigns, without running the risk of overwhelming customers.

    AT&T Mobile Marketing Solutions can help businesses reach consumers anywhere and anytime — through mobile devices.

    AT&T Mobile Barcode Services turn static collateral into immersive experiences. By scanning a printed code with a smartphone, consumers can access content ranging from videos to coupons to mobile websites. And with each scan, the AT&T Code Management Platform compiles valuable data and analytics for the company to track its mobile marketing efforts.

    AT&T Messaging Toolkit is a complete mobile marketing solution, enabling campaigns, promotions and information blasts for small and medium-sized businesses.

    AT&T Global Smart Messaging Suite gives marketers a fast and effective way to get in touch with consumers — through a cross carrier SMS and email messaging application.

    A rapidly expanding portfolio of products and services, AT&T Mobile Marketing Solutions connect marketers with their audiences in a deeper, more meaningful experience.

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