AT&T's John Donovan to Discuss Global Innovation of Mobile at CES

Jan 07, 2014

John Donovan,  senior executive vice president – AT&T technology and network operations, will join Qualcomm’s Chairman & CEO, Paul Jacobs, and Ericcson’s President & CEO, Hans Vestberg, to discuss the global innovation of mobile at 11:30 PST, Tuesday at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

As the largest technology platform in history, mobile is creating unprecedented growth opportunities for visionary business leaders and driving invention everywhere.



The AT&T Foundry – along with Foundry sponsor Ericsson and Andrew Keen, author of Cult of the Amateur and Digital Vertigo – is hosting a series of salon-style discussions called FutureCast, at our Palo Alto Foundry. We’re bringing the brightest minds together in Silicon Valley to tackle the future of a wide array of technologies.