Bill Rancic's Cyber Security Advice

Jul 03, 2013

Advice from Bill: Protecting Your Business

Small business expert and entrepreneur Bill Rancic knows what's best when it comes to protecting his small business, RPM Italian, a downtown Chicago restaurant. Most people think cyber attacks only happen to big business, but that's not the case. Twenty percent of cyber attacks occur in small businesses. Make sure you're taking the most appropriate precautions to protect your business.

Small business owner, Bill Rancic, gives a brief message regarding cyber attacks and ways to protect ones business. Owner of RPM Italian restaurant in the heart of Chicago, Rancic is aware of the danger cyber attacks can bring.  Many people don’t realize that 20% of cyber attacks occur in small businesses. Of that 20%, 60% never recover which causes devastation to their company and results in their having to shut down.

Rancic goes on to list precautions every small business owner should take to ward off cyber attacks. Everything from a threat monitory, to protecting all mobile devices, as well as a 24/7 service provider and backing up all data, are things to do to give you piece of mind against cyber attacks.