AT&T Deploying Drones to Areas Affected by Hurricane Harvey

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AT&T is deploying 25 drones to areas in Southeast Texas affected by Hurricane Harvey to inspect cell towers and determine network impact in areas not accessible to cars or trucks due to flooding.

We’re deploying a fleet of 25 drones to areas in Southeast Texas impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

We’ll inspect cell towers to determine the hurricane impact on our network. Using drones lets us access areas that can’t be reached by cars or trucks because of flooding.

Drones can take HD video and photos of a cell site, giving us a birds’ eye view of the tower. This offers high-quality visuals of equipment, components and cabling so our engineers can remotely view cell sites safely from the ground – all in real time.

We also plan to deploy 2 Satellite Cell on Wheels (Sat COLTs) in Beaumont, Texas and stage 12 more in the area to support customers and first responders following the second landfall of Tropical Storm Harvey.