How It Works: Installing Fiber Optic Cable to Multi-Tenant Office Buildings

Nov 15, 2013

AT&T Installing Fiber Optic Cable to Multi-Tenant Office Buildings

Fiber to the Building Program Installation*: AT&T service crews are deploying fiber to multi-tenant buildings across the AT&Ts 22-state wireline service. Businesses in these AT&T Fiber Ready Buildings have access to an expanded array of security, network and cloud-based services, all of which ride on the fiber network. The effort is part of AT&Ts Project VIP to expand and enhance its wireline IP broadband networks. For more information, please visit: *This video represents only one way fiber is delivered to multi-tenant buildings. There may be additional steps involved based on specific scenarios including those situations where AT&T fiber facilities are not in place at the time of deployment.

Few technologies impact a business’ ability to succeed like a fiber-based broadband connection running at blazing speeds. That’s why we are expanding our fiber optic network across the U.S.

In the video above, we break down one way fiber can be delivered to multi-tenant office buildings. Check it out to learn what service crews are doing for you to deploy fiber accross AT&T's 22-state wireline service. Learn more about fiber-based broadband services by visiting our Fiber Ready Building website.

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