Moving Beyond BYOD

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Bring Your Own Device to Get Business Done

Today, the percentage of firms claiming to support BYOD is so high that it’s hardly worth reporting anymore. So how do we move “beyond” BOYD?

BYOD evolves to “Getting Business Done”

I don’t think we’ll stop discussing BYOD, but the questions have changed. If a business is supporting BYOD, what does that mean? Does it mean the business allows its employees to simply access email and calendar on an iPhone or Android? Or is it more involved than that? It should be more than just the basics. We need to mobile-enable our business processes to gain the speed we need to meet changing market demands. Today’s IT leaders are trying to define what they should mobile-enable and what’s the best way to securely enable meaningful work on the go. It’s not Mobile First anymore; rather it’s business first. It’s business that runs smoothly across all manner of devices from phones to convertible two-in-ones to PCs.

  • Security moves from devices to data
  • Vendors begin building Mobile Platform as a Service

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