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Dec 13, 2013

New AT&T Customer Experience and Retail Design

Learn about the new AT&T store design and customer experience. This new design is focused on giving customers the best experience when shopping for technology.

Up close and personal shopping is the very idea behind AT&T’s new retail approach, which is less about “traditional” retailing and more about active experience and exploration. In this era of high connectivity enabled by pretty sophisticated electronics, touching and experiencing is a must for the just right fit.

A November article on the Retail Customer Experience web site — What AT&T’s redesign can teach you about your stores — outlines the concept behind the transformation of AT&T’s 2300 stores across the U.S. The idea is simple and refreshingly different: to create an environment where customers can discover and experience products and service firsthand and engage one-on-one with people who can help.

Watch the video above to see how the new AT&T store design brings customer experience to life.

Read more about our change to a more active retail experience in the complete Network Exchange blog.

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