Keeping Up With the Speed of Business

Sep 06, 2013

Advice from Bill: Keeping up with the Speed of Business

We caught up with small business expert and entrepreneur Bill Rancic in Wicker Park, Ill., an area that is teeming with small businesses. If you embrace technology and keep up with the speed of business -- e.g., by tapping into fiber optic cable -- you can work smarter and faster, but not necessarily harder.

Few technologies impact a business’ ability to succeed like a fiber-based broadband connection running at blazing speeds. That’s why we are expanding our fiber optic network across the U.S. Learn more about fiber-based broadband services by visiting our Fiber Ready Building website.

As part of AT&T’s Project VIP, we are making fiber-based broadband services with speeds up to 1 gigabit per second – or up to 100 times faster than traditional copper-based broadband – available to businesses across our 22-state wireline service area. Learn more about the benefits of AT&T’s Fiber Ready Buildings by checking out our Fiber Ready Building Infographic or animated video.

When businesses embrace advanced technologies, they are allowing opportunities for their business to grow. According to entrepreneur Bill Rancic, adopting business-class technologies, like fiber-based broadband, will help you work smarter, not harder. See what he has to say about keeping up with the speed of business in the video above.

For more small business tips, be sure to check out our small business overview media kit.

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