Puede Esperar: It Can Wait

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Not wanting anyone to have to go through what they went through is the driving force behind Lisa Chapa and her family’s mission to spread the word on not texting while driving. Click here to hear her story about the death of her sister.

Lisa Chapa is the sister of a texting while driving victim. She described her late sister as very cheerful and outgoing. Chapa tries to hold on to those memories every day. Focusing on the positive is how Lisa coped with the grief after tragically losing her sister.

This video is a very sobering account of one family’s experience dealing with a texting while driving accident. Not wanting anyone to go through what they have had to go through, Lisa and her family have made it their mission to spread the word to leave your phone at rest while driving. No texting. No unnecessary distractions. It can wait.

Watch her video and check out Puede Esperar information in Spanish.