Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, an AT&T Business customer, and driver Daniel Ricciardo took first place Sunday at the Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai.

AT&T is an Innovation Partner of Aston Martin Red Bull Racing. “Congratulations to Daniel and the entire Aston Martin Red Bull team for this stunning victory,” said John V Slamecka, region president, EMEA, AT&T Business. “We’re proud to be a part of this great team.”

Slamecka said the services AT&T provides are mission critical to their success. “Our services help engineers and critical partners collaborate quickly, effectively and in a highly secure manner all across the globe,” he said. 

Ricciardo had a spectacular performance in the second half of the race with some excellent passing moves. This, along with a strategically timed pit stop, meant Ricciardo secured first place at the Formula One race. 

“For me, this is a massive reward. But for the mechanics and engineers, they really won this victory,” Ricciardo said. “They should be very, very proud.”

In Formula One, a hundredth of a second can be the difference between winning and losing, Slamecka said.

“Speed is vital and can give a competitive edge, so having near real-time data is important,” Slamecka said. “Virtually real-time data (transported over the AT&T Global VPN) not only makes the difference for Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, but also for everyday consumers and businesses operating in today’s world.”