March 21, 2024

Available to Order: AT&T Cloud Voice with Webex Go with Apple Exclusive Offer

Mike Troiano
Mike Troiano Senior Vice President – Business Products, AT&T Business

Call it the real beginning of The Era of Mobile-first Business Collaboration, brought to you by a special collaboration among communications technology industry leaders.

In mid-February, we launched the general availability of AT&T Cloud Voice with Webex Go, our new joint offer with Webex by Cisco to help businesses improve mobile collaboration across their workforces.

To make this offer even more compelling, our collaboration has expanded to include another industry leader: Apple.  Qualified AT&T business wireless customers with Webex can get an Apple iPhone 15 for $0.99 each with a new two-year wireless service plan*.  These two offers, which can easily be paired, allow customers to accelerate their mobile collaboration strategies and further enhance productivity. 

With AT&T Cloud Voice you can have one AT&T mobile number that works on all your secure and compliant Webex devices. Whether you're in the office or on the road, you can enjoy excellent call quality, easy teamwork, and savings for your budget. 

AT&T Cloud Voice with Webex Go offers unrivaled mobile connectivity to power the mobile-first enterprise. It delivers a secure, compliant collaboration experience with crystal clear audio over fast, reliable AT&T 5G network connectivity.  It’s easy to buy and provision via self-service capabilities in Webex Control Hub, with no special contracts or extra costs for businesses already using AT&T wireless connectivity and Webex Go Mobile Operator. And it allows enterprises and their workers the freedom to conduct business on their chosen devices.

Businesses that take advantage of the Apple iPhone promotion can extend the benefits of AT&T Cloud Voice with Webex Go to the iPhone 15 and across the workers’ other Apple devices, including, Mac, Apple iPadTM and Apple WatchTM.

Our collaboration with Webex by Cisco and Apple aims to help companies address some of the critical changes in how, where, and when work gets done. The rise of hybrid and remote work created the need for a new, innovative solution to ensure enterprise collaboration is easy and reliable for workers while supporting enterprise management goals such as security, compliance and costs.

Diamond Pet Company, a 54-year-old company providing pet foods in the U.S. and internationally with over 1,500 employees, is an early user of AT&T Cloud Voice with Webex Go. Chris Pliska, Diamond Pet’s Network Operations Manager, calls it a “no-brainer” decision because it allows their many workers, including those in up to 50 remote locations, to collaborate using a native dialer on their device of choice.

With 77% of employees embracing flexible workstyles1 and 44% of business calling shifting to mobile devices2, AT&T, Webex by Cisco, and Apple are committed to innovating and delivering collaboration capabilities that can help business customers cut costs and thrive in the new era of mobile-first collaboration.

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