Healthy Habits of Companies that Make a Difference

13 Mar 2014 | Jason Leiker

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Unleashing our human potential...that’s one of the things we strive to do every day at AT&T, whether it’s providing innovative products and services to our customers or helping our employees serve their communities.  I am continuously inspired by our approximately 243,000 employees, who every day are using their unique skills and passions to make a real, positive impact one person and one neighborhood at a time.

Civic 50 leaders have all sorts of best practices to keep community engagement front and center, such as:  including community engagement in employee performance reviews; integrating  community engagement activities into company policies; and actively providing opportunities for employees to serve their communities.

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Jason Leiker

Assistant Vice President, AT&T Community Engagement


Jason Leiker is the Assistant Vice President of AT&T Community Engagement and is located in Dallas, TX.