Three Digits that Forever Changed Public Safety in the U.S.

01 Mar 2018 | Stacy Schwartz

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When times are the worst, we can always count on our first responder heroes to be at their best. So, we’re keeping the celebration of the 50th anniversary of 911 going strong. And we’re celebrating another milestone in Huntington, Ind., where the first 911 call took place on the Bell System 50 years ago today. 


We’re proud to have been a part of 911 from the beginning, working with the FCC to establish the technology for the 3-digit number all in the name of saving lives. And we continue to work side-by-side with public safety as we move into the next generation of public safety communications. To the men and women that always answer the call, we thank you. And we stand with you, always.


Learn more about how we’re celebrating 50 years of 911 on the AT&T Newsroom.


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Stacy Schwartz

Stacy Schwartz is the Vice President of Public Safety & FirstNet at AT&T.