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International Demands

The “International Demands” category represents the number of civil and criminal legal demands originating outside the U.S. and related to AT&T’s operations in foreign countries. These demands are for (i) historic subscriber information about consumers who reside in other countries and businesses that operate in other countries; and (ii) URL/IP (website/Internet address) blocking demands from foreign governments.

The Diverse Services AT&T Provides Internationally Affect the Types and Volume of Demands We Receive

  • Business Services: AT&T provides telecommunications and IT services to the foreign offices of large multi-national business customers. In all foreign countries where AT&T supports these customers, AT&T primarily receives demands for historic subscriber information. In those countries where AT&T also provides internet access service, it may also have received demands for IP or URL blocking.
  • Consumer Mobility Services: Mexico is the only country outside of the U.S. where AT&T provides consumer mobility service. Accordingly, AT&T received legal demands similar to those it receives in the U.S., including demands for subscriber information, location information and real-time content.
  • VRIO: In all Latin American countries where AT&T’s affiliate VRIO provides consumer satellite television service, we primarily receive demands for subscriber information regarding our DIRECTV and SKYBrasil branded services. In those Latin American countries where VRIO also provides broadband service, we also received demands for IP or URL blocking.

A Few Additional Points

  • Historic Subscriber Information is information such as the name and address listed on the billing account or the types of services purchased from AT&T.
  • The IP or URL blocking demands come from countries that require us to block access to websites that they deem offensive, illegal, unauthorized or otherwise inappropriate. These demands are listed separately from the demands for historic subscriber information.
  • While AT&T may provide internet access in some foreign countries, we do not have the ability to control the content of any websites other than AT&T’s own sites. Accordingly, while we did receive and comply with demands from foreign governments to block access to websites in their countries during this reporting period, we did not receive demands to remove content from websites (nor would we be able to do so). During this reporting period, we did not receive any demands from any foreign governments to produce any stored content.
  • Finally, the laws governing the international demands that we receive differ by country. We respond to these demands based on each country’s laws.1
Jan.—June 2018
July—Dec. 2018
Total International Demands2
Historic: Subscriber Information 481
Historic: Subscriber Information 0 1
IP/URL Blocking 3 3
Historic: Subscriber Information 438
Historic: Subscriber Information 16
Historic: Subscriber Information 1,181
IP/URL Blocking 2
Historic: Subscriber Information 70 115
Historic: Subscriber Information 0 1
IP/URL Blocking 6
Historic: Subscriber Information 5
IP/URL Blocking 175
IP/URL Blocking 4
IP/URL Blocking 8,523 5,980
United Kingdom
Historic: Subscriber Information 0
Historic: Subscriber Information 4
Historic: Subscriber Information 781



The laws applicable to demands received in Mexico are listed below.

Interceptions of Communications

Legal framework

Political Constitution of the United Mexican States, article 16, 12nd paragraph

Federal Criminal Procedure Code, article 291

Federal Law against Organized Crime, article 16



Legal framework

Federal Telecommunications and Broadcasting Law, article 190

Federal Criminal Procedure Code, article 303

Law on General Channels of Communications, article 122


Jan.—June 2018
July—Dec. 2018
Historic: Subscriber Information/Call Detail Records
6,691 6,847
Location Information (Cell Site)
5,410 5,998
680 686
Pen Registers / Wiretaps / Cell Site
383 445
Location Information (Precise)
297 241
Demands Rejected / Partial or No Data Provided
(Breakout detail of data included in Total Mexico Demands)
1,497 853
Rejected / Challenged
322 114
Partial or No Information
1,175 739

1India, for example, does not permit publication of demands.

2Countries where “0” has been reported for two consecutive reporting periods (12 months) have been removed from this chart. We will add countries back in future reports should we get new requests in any of those countries.

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