CSR Governance Council

Our Council comprises of officers with responsibility for the business areas most linked to current Corporate Social Responsibility priorities. Each member represents her/his entire organization to reach a broader range of issues and perspectives.



Mónica Aspe

Chief Executive Officer

AT&T Mexico

Altresha Burchett-Williams

Vice President,

Compliance Oversight

Len Cali

Senior Vice President, Global Public Policy

Debbie Dial

Senior Vice President and Global Controller

Andre Fuetsch

Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Network Services

Susan Johnson

Executive Vice President and General Manager, Wireline Transformation and Supply Chain


K.C. Kavanagh

Chief Communications Officer

Charlene Lake

Senior Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility and ESG, and Chief Sustainability Officer

Stacey Maris

Senior Vice President, Deputy General Counsel and Secretary

Tom Moore

Senior Vice President, Chief Compliance Office, and Chief Privacy Officer

Amir Rozwadowski

Senior Vice President, Finance and Investor Relations

Sabrina Sanders

Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer

Valerie Vargas

Senior Vice President, AT&T Advertising and Retail Marketing

Rick Welday

Executive Vice President and General Manager, Enterprise


AT&T CSR Governance Structure

Our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is embedded in every company level, and oversight rests with the Public Policy and Corporate Reputation Committee of the Board of Directors of AT&T Inc.