Corporate Social Responsibility Governance Council

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Governance Council comprises of officers with responsibility for the business areas most linked to current CSR priorities. Each member represents her/his entire organization to reach a broader range of issues and perspectives.

Corey Anthony
Senior Vice President, Human Resources & Chief Diversity Officer
AT&T Inc.

Len Cali
Senior Vice President, Global Public Policy
AT&T Inc.

Fiona Carter
Chief Brand Officer
AT&T Communications

Tony Goncalves
Chief Executive Officer
Otter Media

Michael Hartman
Senior Vice President & Assistant General Counsel
AT&T International

Susan Johnson
Executive Vice President, Global Connection Management & Supply Chain
AT&T Communications

Mo Katibeh
Chief Marketing Officer, AT&T Business
AT&T Communications

Charlene Lake
Senior Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility & Chief Sustainability Officer
AT&T Inc.

Scott Mair
President, AT&T Operations
AT&T Communications

Larry Solomon
Chief Communications Officer
AT&T Inc.

Valerie Vargas
Senior Vice President, Advertising & Creator Lab
AT&T Communications

Mike Viola
Senior Vice President, Investor Relations
AT&T Inc.

Rick Welday
Senior Vice President, Advertising Sales
AT&T Advertising and Analytics