Our business is founded on highly secure networking. We work hard to protect the 114 petabytes of data that crosses our network every day. For reference, one petabyte is enough to store the DNA of the entire population of the US – and then clone them, twice.[1]

We have unparalleled visibility into new and evolving security threats. Our experts watch the threat landscape 24/7/365. Today I’d like to formally welcome Bill O’Hern as our new Senior Vice President and Chief Security Officer to lead AT&T’s security operations.

Bill has been an integral member of our security team for more than 20 years, working side-by-side with now retired Ed Amoroso, and will drive a seamless transition in his leadership role. Bill leads an award-winning team virtualizing AT&T’s security defenses and transforming our security protections into software-based tools.

Bill’s team has already integrated a virtualized firewall, intrusion detections services, scanning, threat intelligence, reporting, identity and access management, and inventory management into AT&T’s vast defenses. This work has helped define AT&T’s leadership in the security space, as this is one of the first virtualization initiatives done at this scale and scope. Bill also helped build the first scalable internal Threat Management System. It monitors and defends our network and holds responsibility for our security policy and requirements, penetration testing, architecture and risk management functions.

I’ve known Bill for years and I’m thrilled he’s now leading our great security legacy. Please join me in welcoming him as AT&T’s new CSO.

[1] http://www.computerweekly.com/feature/What-does-a-petabyte-look-like

Bill O'Hern, Senior Vice President and Chief Security Officer

John Donovan
John Donovan CEO – AT&T Communications