The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the world. But it’s more than just connected homes, cars, and cities. Our team of engineers at the AT&T Foundry for IoT innovation in Plano, Texas, is bringing connectivity and intelligence to all sorts of devices. We demoed two of them last week at CTIA Super Mobility 2015 in Las Vegas.

  • Connected Wheelchair Family, friends or health care workers can track the wheelchair location wirelessly. Sensors monitor cushion pressure/position and alert you if the battery level is low. Permobil and AT&T executives collaborated to bring AT&T cellular connectivity and IoT services to Permobil’s wheelchairs. The proof of concept could potentially help improve a users’ quality of life.

  • TUMI Global LocatorTUMI’s Global Locator helps make traveling easier for Global Citizens everywhere; offering its Any Bag. Anywhere™ difference. The device offers real-time wireless luggage location tracking services.  Our AT&T Foundry team helped develop the original concept for the device and collaborated with TUMI to develop a workable prototype that is compliant with FAA standards.

Those are just two examples of how our IoT work on connected devices and apps can impact your everyday life.

At the AT&T Foundry our team understands that IoT is a disruptive force that integrates devices, connections, analytics, and people. It goes beyond merely connecting devices to the cloud. Our software expertise and network infrastructure can measure useful data to stay in sync with growing demand.

IoT is rapidly finding its way into many aspects of our lives. The possibilities for innovating within the space are practically limitless with endless application opportunities. We are not only setting IoT trends – we are actively shaping them.

Igal Elbaz
Igal Elbaz Vice President - Ecosystem and Innovation, AT&T Services, Inc.