Today we’re announcing that AT&T is joining the board of directors of The Green Grid Association. This is important as we’re aiming to bring our expertise to the challenge of making modern networks more efficient.

We’re one of just 11 companies with representatives on the board, which includes leaders in software, networking and hardware and sets the strategic direction for the group. The association is a consortium of more than 200 companies, government agencies, universities and individuals dedicated to improving the efficiency of the information and communications technology industry.

As the first telecommunications carrier to join the board, I think we can bring some valuable insight. The amount of data moving across the network shows no sign of slowing down. Meeting that growing demand is job one. But we’re also thinking about how to deliver those services in an efficient, environmentally-conscious way.

AT&T will be well represented on the board. Ross Bawcum, assistant vice president of IT in our newly-formed Technology Operations group, is the formal representative. But he’ll work closely with Eddie Schutter, the director of the AT&T Foundry innovation center in Plano, Texas.

This is a project of personal interest to Eddie as you can see in the video interview. But it also reflects a focus on efficiency and environmental innovation the AT&T Foundry has embraced since its inception.

Our AT&T Foundry location in Palo Alto, for example, received  a “platinum” LEED® Certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) from the U.S. Green Building Council in 2012.

Our Green Grid membership is part of that original, ongoing commitment. But it’s also a nod to the future, as we redesign our network to become faster, more responsive, and more adaptable.


Igal Elbaz
Igal Elbaz Vice President - Ecosystem and Innovation, AT&T Services, Inc.