Change is the only constant. It’s going to happen and will always happen, so how can you get ahead of it? Does your culture embrace change? How fast can your organization pivot? Does your team have Transformational DNA?

Transformation journeys are challenging and often fail due to complexity, lack of inertia and unclear vision. According to McKinsey & Co., “70 percent of change programs fail to achieve their goals, largely due to employee resistance and lack of management support.”  

Many companies invest at enabling change. More importantly, they need to also invest in creating Transformational DNA. A team of Transformation Champions needs to work on democratizing idea generation and innovation – winning the hearts and minds across the landscape. The goal is to get everyone on the team to be best-in-class operators and continually evaluate how they can improve their individual work product as well as the end-to-end process in service of the customer.

We’re committed to providing our customers with industry-best customer experience, leadership and service that they can count on when doing business with us. Everything starts and ends with our customers. Their success is our mission. We are striving to continuously listen and continuously improve. That’s our culture. We call it customer success obsessed.

That’s why nearly 2 years ago, we started a transformational journey to deliver next-generation customer experience. This large-scale effort has included executing on hundreds of initiatives to meet our goals of transforming the customer experience and grow revenue and drive operational excellence across the business.

Welcome to the first in a five-part blog series about our transformation journey where we’ll explore themes in the new white paper – Adept at Adapting: How Transformational DNA Enables Businesses to Adapt to an Ever-Changing Landscape 

Although we were on our transformation journey long before the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, the framework and building blocks we had established served us well.

The foundational elements to re-engineer processes and in true agile manner operationalize automation for the front line teams were already hard at work at macro and micro scale. In the series, we’ll address how we put our Transformational DNA to the test  - deconstructing our own processes to go faster. 

During a disaster or period of unpredictability, customers look to you for support and stability. We hope that our story will spur innovative ideas on how you can infuse Transformational DNA into your organization – no matter the industry or size of the company.

But what sort of characteristics are needed in an organization to push this Transformational DNA? Stay tuned as our next blog will help answer this question.