I hope you’ll mark your calendar for Wed., Nov. 3. Some of the most talented cybersecurity experts at AT&T will be presenting at the 2021 AT&T Security Conference – for anyone who would like to virtually attend.

It is a free, online event, with more than 30 sessions to choose from. We’ll have keynote speakers including National Cyber Director Chris Inglis, NSA Cybersecurity Director Rob Joyce and CNN anchor and chief national security correspondent Jim Sciutto.

Several trends are increasing today’s cybersecurity threat level:

  • Information infrastructure is getting more complex, making it harder to patch and configure.
  • Criminals can exploit these vulnerabilities because ID and access management aren’t keeping pace.
  • Digital currency is letting criminals collect ransoms from anywhere – and organizations are paying.

I head the AT&T Chief Security Office. We have a unique view as we help protect all our businesses and a global network that carries more than 465 petabytes of data traffic on an average day. Our dynamic cybersecurity team works from 10 countries and 34 states, and we hold more than 1,000 security-related patents.

Here is some of what our experts will be talking about:

  • What makes good open-source software, how to test it for security, and how to keep it running safely.
  • Quantum computing: Friend or foe for security?
  • Making a seven-layer vulnerability management salad.
  • Automating cloud security compliance.
  • Defending authentication from phishing attacks.
  • Key legal topics for incident preparedness and response.
  • Specific security sessions on 5G, connected cars, ad tech and more.

We have published the full schedule, so please check it out!

The conference runs from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Central Time. You can register now, read about the speakers and see the sessions. Go to https://security-conference.att.com/. I hope you’ll join me.

2021 AT&T Security Conference presented by AT&T Chief Security Office