We are all about the edge. Ever since we launched our software-defined networking capabilities, we’ve continued pushing the boundaries of what customers can do with their networks, especially at the edge. Now, with remote and hybrid working, there are more network endpoints than ever before – which all need to be secure.

Our edge expertise was on display to address that very challenge with the MEF 3.0 proof of concept around SASE, which we dubbed “The Ubiquitous Edge.”

For remote and hybrid work environments, enterprises are placing a high priority on connecting and securing their workforce. For MEF 3.0, the minds at AT&T joined forces with Cisco and Ericsson to address the business challenge of securely connecting in real time, from anywhere, with any endpoint. Thus, ensuring a secure ubiquitous enterprise.

Together, we demonstrated a managed SASE Service that allows users to connect securely from any location to any endpoint in the cloud or in enterprise locations - all based on the principles being developed and defined by MEF. Security functions, SD-WAN services, policies, and orchestration are integrated to transition away from a perimeter-oriented security approach, to a secure, ubiquitous edge.

So what does this mean? This would give AT&T the capability to orchestrate and manage increasingly complex networks and security parameters, more efficiently and optimally than ever before. Even in remote environments.

Looking to the future, AT&T is continuing to work for and with its customers to address the most prominent challenges facing businesses today. Through continued innovation at our innovation hubs, and through proving even the wildest of concepts with our customers, AT&T is already solving the business challenges of tomorrow.